About Us

We are a non-governmental, public and community development organisation registered and based in the United Kingdom


Identify, build and work with Leaders that will identify and build Opportunities by working with the People for their Development.


1. To create the platform for the government in Africa, the UK and the governed (African Diaspora) to engage in constructive discussion that will promote sustainable democracy, infrastructural development, security and wealth creation.

2. To create constructive interaction among the different African Diaspora Communities in the UK and engage in creative solutions to crisis militating against Africa and the UK.

3. To engage African Diaspora in contributing to social, economic and security development and good government in Africa and participatory democracy in the UK without political statements and affiliations.


We aim to use our programmes and projects, key among them are: the British African Diaspora conferences and other public engagements to deal with issues:

1. Affecting the African community in the UK such as:
- Migration
- Youth crime and gang issues
- Employment, training and skill acquisition
- British economic rebirth and wealth creation

2. Issues of great concerns and interest to African Diaspora on Africa
- Economy
- Social welfare and mobility
- Good government and governance
- Corruption
- Diaspora voting and involvement
- Security
- Investment viability and sustenance
- Economic and business collaboration between some African countries and Britain

We have committed ourselves to these issues with outstanding results from the Diaspora community in the UK and Government and policy makers in Africa.